Introducing VBA Collections

The VBA Collections one of the world’s finest Bible image libraries including Places, Events, Bible images, paintings, engravings, and illustrations more added monthly. Personal project folder so you can gather and manage add or delete images. Authorized King James Version linked to each image. Introducing the new Berean Bible Suite by BibleHub Linked to each image. Special bonus the new Bible Analyzer publishing suite program. Tyndale Bible Atlas linked to each image. Tyndale Bible Encyclopedia linked to each image. Bible Studies for teaching and sharing linked to each image. Sermon/Teaching outlines linked to each image.
A great tool for developing Bible curriculum for all ages.

The G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection

This collection is a rich source of historical Biblical images of Holy Land and the Middle East. The majority of the images depict Palestine (Israel and the West Bank) from 1898 to 1930. Most of the collection consists of over 22,000 glass and film photographic negatives and transparencies. Downloaded from the Library of Congress. Images now available in high resolution Black & White as well as full color digitally enhanced by and

Bible Lesson Cards 1890-1920

Over 1,500 Bible Cards scanned at high resolution and digitally enhanced by and
Berean lesson pictures card, Lesson picture cards, Westminster Bible lesson card, Little Bible lesson pictures cards, Southern Baptist picture lesson cards, Heidelberg picture cards. Linked to additional resources with keywords and Bible, Book and Verse to make reenactment of  the Bible story easier to enjoy. 

The Doré Bible Illustrations

At the time of his death in 1883, Doré was the most widely published illustrator in history. But Dorés Bible illustrations were, and still are, his most popular. Even art critics of the day responded positively. One such critic said, “Doré has illustrated the Holy Bible, and the drawings are some of the most wonderful that have ever been executed by any artist, in any age.” 
Images now available in high resolution Black & White as well as full color digitally enhanced by and

1870 Tissot OT & NT collection

James Tissot’s watercolor illustrations are some of the most beloved and sought-after images, the biblical stories are illustrated in cinematic vignettes that have influenced popular culture for decades. Though Tissot was mostly known as a painter of the fashionable society of London and Paris, he began a series of Biblical paintings, The Life of Christ, in 1885. Completed in 1894, the almost four hundred paintings toured Paris, London, and the United States.

Good News Collection

Biblically accurate illustrations of the life of Christ by artist Paula Nash Giltner. Good News Productions, International and College Press Publishing Co have kindly contributed the wonderful artwork of Paula Nash Giltner used in The Global Gospel series of videos on the Life of Christ. These free videos, narrated from the Biblical account, are available in over 35 languages. As well as our usual download options there is also a video download link. [website]

Target audiences: Pre-school, Children, Youth/adult

LUMO Collection

High quality photographs of the Life of Christ shot on location in the Middle East. These are photographic stills from films of the four gospels created by the LUMO project. They have been licensed by and for free use in teaching but cannot be reused in other projects without the written permission of the LUMO project.

Target audiences: Children, Youth/adult

Presentation Maker

When opened the viewer will be in a separate Window Frame from the main application.
To open the Image Viewer either:
· Click the Image Icon in the Toolbar, or
· Click Image Viewer under the Control Menu
· Hit F4 on the keyboard
Once opened the Image Viewer will display on the left a Tree listing all the loaded image modules. Each Image group can be expanded to show all the available images. Each image has Bible verse and key words associated with it and links to Bible commentary, dictionary, encyclopedia and Atlas.

Web Browser Pop Up

Makes links of Bible refs for included King James Bible. View via popup or window. Supports reference entry and searching.
Popverse is a stand-alone Bible reference linking system that allows users to view the King James Bible text of any reference on an online or local webpage in a popup or separate browser window. Popverse has powerful features not found with other linking systems,

* Fully Self-Contained; KJV Bible Included
* Instant Reference Context Viewing
* Context Menu Verse List
* Easy Reference Entry
* Easy Bible Searching
* Optional Cross References Display
* Freedom From Unwanted Promotion
Popverse works automatically. It will instantly scan every page you visit for Bible references and link them to the included King James Bible text

Progressive APP

MyKJV is one of the very first of its kind. It is the first Bible app with its own domain to be built as a true PWA.

How To Install
After a user navigates to, when the page is fully loaded an option will be available to install the app on the user's system. On a desktop system there will be a "+" on the right side of the address bar (Chrome, Brave, Edge, etc.). Click the button and the app will be installed with an icon placed on the user's Desktop. From there the app can be accessed at anytime, offline or online. 

Write it once Share with many

Library Transformer (for Church leaders and Ministers) Transform, sermons, lessons, curriculum, devotionals, Bible studies into a powerful, integrated Bible Software Program.
Ministers how would you like to have your sermons, lessons, curriculum, devotionals material converted into a true Bible Software program including your own commentary, encyclopedia, book, ePub, plus HTML for your Website.

we have a tool for this video...Word Document converted into Bible Software format